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Proudly Serving your Health and Wellness in Colorado Springs!

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Why endure pain when you can learn to let go of it? The Alexander Technique is a set of tools that can be used wherever you are, with whatever activity you are doing, to improve coordination, release stress in movement, reduce back pain and anxiety, and better your overall health and well-being.

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Alexander Technique in Colorado Springs.

The Alexander Technique at its core is an exploration of alignment and balance and its necessity in maximizing one's health, performance, and focus.  The Alexander Technique kick starts your ability to recognize mental and physical patterns that excessively strain your body and prevent your best coordination from appearing.  It gives you the experience of moving outside of this Neuro-Muscular interference in everyday activities and provides you a toolset to improve your health, alignment, and balance for yourself.   The more you practice this toolset, the better you understand how the body organizes itself naturally, helping to reduce and gradually eliminate issues such as chronic back and neck pain, joint pain, difficulty breathing, and anxiety.    As you learn how the mind can constructively organize your general coordination you can apply what you learn to a healthy mastery of any skillset. 

The Alexander Technique is a lifelong friend that empowers your movements when you're in pain, calms the nervous system when you're stressed, helps you perform with grace and authenticity, and teaches you how to move the head, neck, and back in harmony when learning.   As an educational therapy, its unique value is the observation that habits of misalignment introduced to the body, are also introduced to the mind.  The mind then factors this imbalance in every activity, creating habits of excessive strain as a constant and deeply pervasive problem.  Because of this, a different way of thinking around movement is needed before any lasting benefit in functioning or performance can be possible.

The Alexander Technique has growing medical research, indicating lasting and significant reductions in pain and disability from chronic lower back problems, significant changes in gait trajectory for people dealing with chronic knee problems.  The Technique provides greater confidence in walking for Parkinson's patience with less medication intake and a reduction of depression symptoms.  The Alexander technique significantly improves postural tone and muscle elasticity, while reducing anxiety and stress in complicated task performance.

 The Mayo Clinic has offered the Alexander Technique as part of its health and wellness program. It has been endorsed by a Nobel Laureate and medical professionals and is a required study in many of the top-performing arts schools in the world.  


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My name is Travis Chastain. I am an Am-SAT certified teacher of the Alexander Technique serving  Colorado Springs. 

Clients have come to me for chronic back pain, neck pain, Parkinson's disease, joint stiffness, difficulty moving, frozen shoulder, anxiety, stress-related injuries, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, tremors, chronic vocal fatigue, and stage fright. 

 I have had the pleasure of teaching a more efficient and easy way of moving to musicians, actors, conductors, therapists, teachers, performing artists, weight lifters, Pilates instructors, businessmen and women, and people in the tech community.  I would love to help empower you in your daily movements and activities!

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